This is my quest to live out my word for 2013: Deeper.

I have been doing a read-through-the-year format in one form or another since I became a believer 8 years ago. Now that I have the overview of the entire bible, I feel God is leading me to slow down and dig deeper. As my pastor said, each truth of God’s word has 70 layers of meaning.  I want to go though those layers, not just the surface. Of course it means I won’t get through the Bible in one year but then again God’s goal is not for us to get through the Bible but for the Bible to get through to us.

My very first post from His Gathering Place started with this:

 “The great discovery is that the Bible is a message system: it’s not simply 66 books penned by 40 authors over thousands of years, the Bible is an integrated whole which bears evidence of supernatural engineering in every detail!” – Chuck Missler, Koinonia Institute

That is what we are going to discover as we go on this journey. 

And it was so…


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